Infatuation vs. Love

Anyone that lives by feelings buys into infatuation but not love.

Love is too hard for them. 

Love requires commitment, honor, integrity, understanding, regular forgiveness, and work.

Don’t use the word love if you can’t deliver on the requirements.

You shallow feelings folks can say “I’m infatuated by you” or some other weak fickle drivel.

Leave the real word, love, to those that mean it.


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Commitment is Freedom?

CommitmentAndChristMany believe that a commitment to another person is a kind of trap. That once given you can’t get out. Actually, fulfilling ones word and commitment makes the fulfill-er feel so good about what is right, it’s the ultimate freedom.

It frees your emotions to be one with another.

It frees your actions to be wholesome and good.

It frees your mind from wandering into ugliness.

It frees your thoughts to explore other good and positive areas of life.

It frees you from haters that never keep their word or commitments because being around you makes them feel guilty.

Be careful who you commit to, don’t do it lightly, but once you do, get ready for the blessing of the best kind of freedom there is:


What do you think?


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Your Actions Created a Crisis? PR It?

BadPR-BadChoicesFirst CONCRETE rule of public relations, reputation management, and brand image:

You can’t fix your bad actions with messaging, communication, advertising, or by association with groups or religion.

The ONLY way to fix wrong is by being honest, transparent, truthful, apologetic, and doing what is right – then communicate that.

That goes for corporations and people (personal branding).  And oh by the way, that’s a good policy for your personal life and relationships too.

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Book Smart, Business Street Smart, Both?

IMG_2181Book-smart folks in school many times have difficulty transferring their knowledge and intelligence into the working world because they lack the people-skills necessary to work with others, don’t have the required leadership genes, won’t admit to what they don’t know, and don’t have the ability to get those that really do know to work with them.

Because of these weaknesses they often lack discernment about who they do business with. They think they can outsmart others but don’t have the business street smarts necessary to recognize good vs. bad, winner  vs. loser, honest vs. dishonest, talent vs. poser, discipline vs. random, experience vs. talk, ethics vs. a con, values vs. ripoff, right vs. wrong, good deal vs. bust, simple vs. complicated, workable vs. disaster.

Their business acumen is stuck in theory and unrealistic ideas instead of practical reality.

The best is to have both book and business street smarts.  The only way to tell if a person has both book and business street smarts, including ethics, is by their track record – actual successful experience, their references, and their choices, not by what they say.

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Depth of Character

Manners_CharacterStarted working on a book about individuals that have taken a major stand and put their whole lives on the line for a cause, a group, or good purpose.

What I’ve noticed as I research each person, they all have a common characteristic about them.  They all have what is known as ‘depth of character.’

A person’s character can be described as ‘shallow and superficial’ or ‘deep.’  If they have ‘depth of character’ then they have a great number of positive character traits: honesty, integrity, reliability, moral courage, loyalty, they keep their promises, they work hard on the right things and to improve their character traits, etc.

If they are ‘shallow’ then they have fewer of these traits.

If they have really bad character then the opposite is true.  They actively and purposefully lie; cheat; use; steal; sneak around; feed their egos constantly, date married people; go out on their husbands, wives, or people they have committed relationships with; hang out with or have emotional connections with the wrong or bad people; expose their children to all kinds of awful situations and skunks – and often times then claim it’s everyone else’s fault – not taking any responsibility for their actions or the consequences they suffer because of their character flaws.

They may even say “I made a mistake” but then try to turn it around and blame others for causing the mistake to be made… a communication technique called blame-shifting.

While some of the folks I’m researching make mistakes at times, a person with deep character rarely does things that are out of their usual character.  They have a consistency about them.  Their goodness is predictable.

A person with bad character also is predictable and they show it very often.

What are some of the good and bad character traits you’ve noticed in people?

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Fools Gold

living vs copy

A life is more rewarding than a living. Be careful with your choices.

There are lots of Fools Gold opportunities out there and if you pick one of those you will have neither a living nor a life.


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Why aren’t you happy with your blessings?

someone is happier
In that quiet time by yourself, when there is nobody around and you are alone with your thoughts, are you thinking about how blessed you are or are you wondering about what you don’t have or others won’t give you?

Choose to be happy today.  Don’t let your feelings of the moment rule your life.  Too many let “feelings trump facts” and allow themselves to wallow in unhappiness.  Feelings are fickle.  Facts and blessings are not.

It’s up to you.  Make a choice.


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